Book Connectors came to into existence when a couple of book lovers found each other on a rainy night in Istanbul. Not really.

John is an author, designer and photographer who started getting a lot of new clients that were authors to get help designing their books and getting them through the independent publishing process.

Chuck is a web guru who was building websites for authors. Then one magical night… no that’s not right. One day we were talking and realized that together we offered what authors were looking for: book design, marketing and independent publishing assistance.


John H. Matthews

Art Director

[ designer, author, and daddy-taxi-driver ]

I’ve been a designer for more than 20 years and have worked on print and digital projects for every size company you can imagine. When I wrote and published my first novel, The South Coast, in 2013 I learned so much about the indie publishing world that I began helping others through the process. Now I have three novels out and have designed more than 100 book covers for authors all over the world.

When I’m not staring at my Mac designing or writing, I’m spending time with my wife and our 4-year old son, which most often involves making sure he doesn’t lose a limb on the playground.

Favorite books:
Cannery Row, John Steinbeck
The Bean Trees, Barbara Kingsolver
Last Chance to See, Douglas Adams

Favorite movie:
Harold and Maude

Favorite place on earth:
Cinque Terre, Italy
and anywhere in Ireland

What I’m listening to right now:
Currently addicted to Jason Isbell

Favorite color:
Gray. Is that weird?


Chuck Moran

Platform Director

[ website & social media guru, bald guy ]

I celebrated a couple of big milestones recently. First, I marked my 40th anniversary in the fields of marketing, advertising and graphic design, years that include website design, branding, social media and print for dozens of clients.

My experience covers work for large corporations and medium-sized businesses, but I really love working with solopreneurs … authors, artists and startups.

Like John, I spend a lot of time staring at screens. Otherwise, you can find me on a walk with Rocky, my feisty West Highland Terrier, who’s in charge of protecting the neighborhood from the dreaded delivery trucks.

The other anniversary? It has been 13 years since I shaved my head.

Favorite t-shirt:
Be good to people.®

Favorite singer-songwriter:
Bruce Springsteen

Travel bucket list:
Ireland, France and Greece

Favorite TV series:
Homeland, House of Cards